Smart Factory Solution

Smart Factory Solution

Every solution starts with the analysis of the specific situation in your production environment. To ensure that all components interact seamlessly, we work together with you to develop an overall concept for your future material and data flow. We automate and network all your processes relating to sheet metal processing.

The new, open Bystronic software suite enables you to achieve the maximum with your production resources. Monitor and control the entire processing flow thanks to the centralized control of your virtually or physically networked components. The Bystronic software suite offers you full transparency – at any time and from anywhere.

BySoft Suite – the Smart Factory Software

BySoft Suite is the complete software ecosystem that makes the smart factory a reality. Accelerate your production, automating and orchestrating your business so you can make more agile decisions to help your company adapt to changing environments. Take your business to the next level.

BySoft Suite

Customer benefits


Promote agility and acceleration in your sheet metal business. Adapt quickly to changing environments. Shorten your response time.


Increase your capacity. Reduce the time needed to generate or modify quotes, orders, delivery notes, invoices, and more.


Gain control over your production. An overview of the end-to-end process and seamless interoperation inside the factory make it easy to get all the data you need.

State-of-the-art software technology

Affordable for every company, regardless of size or sector. Cloud-based system, pay-per-use.

Cloud based

Cloud-based system, pay per use. Integrated cloud system for sheet metal processing businesses, helping to make and execute key decisions in the shortest possible time.

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