Bending tools

Bending tools

Use the right tools to achieve perfect bending results when air bending, embossing, and 3-point bending. Original tools from Bystronic are capable of unleashing the full potential of the machine’s features, in order to ensure that your parts are always bent with utmost precision.

Customer benefits

  • The quality of our tools is specifically designed and tested for Bystronic press brakes and your applications
  • Bystronic bending tools (available with a variety of clamping types) are flexible and versatile, in order to cover your applications
  • Original tool plus bending data: With every bending tool, you also receive the relevant import data for your press brake’s software
  • For particularly challenging applications, our tool specialists will be glad to advise and support you with the design of customized solutions
  • The special production process and the high-strength quenched and tempered steel of our tools guarantee a long service life even under tough conditions
  • The right tool for you product: You show us the product you want to manufacture, we recommend the suitable bending tool setup
  • Bystronic bending tools can also be used with third-party press brakes. For this purpose, Bystronic offers its tools with various clamping styles

Type XPT Type RF-A Type RF-AC Type Euro-B Type 3-P Type R
Xpert 40 & 80 X X

Xpert Pro X X

Xpert X X

ByBend Smart X X

Xact Smart X X

Xcite X X

Modular Tool Changer


Mobile Bending Cell X X

Bending Cell
X* X

Hämmerle 3P


*not with automated tool change

Special bending tools

Bar bending tool

Countersink forming tool

Hinge forming tool

Logo forming tool

Louvre forming tool

Stiffening rib forming tool

U forming tool

Z forming tool

Bend Solver App

Determine your bending parameters with high precision at the touch of a button. The Bend Solver app illustrates the complex calculations required using easily understandable visualizations. Depending on the material and its thickness, the app provides you with all information about the required bending force, the box height, the upper tool height, the lower tool opening, the radius, and the minimum flange length.

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